Bot Bowl I will be a round-robin tournament where all bots play a sequence of games against all other bots. The number of games in each matchup will be decided when we get closer to the deadline. The best two bots will play in a final (consisting of a sequence of games again) determining the winner of Bot Bowl I. Each matchup between two bots will use the following rules:

  • Rulebook and FFAI version
    • FFAI implements The Living Rulebook 5 (at least all rules for the prefixed human team).
    • Bot Bowl I will use the FFAI main branch which will only be updated if bugs are reported.
  • Tournament format
    • Round-robin with multiple matches against each other bot
    • The two best teams go to a best-of-five final
    • Resurrection: no progressions and injuries in-between matches.
  • Submission
  • Number of submissions
    • You can be part of a maximum of three bot submissions.
    • You are allowed to submit multiple bots as long as they are wildly different in terms of implementation or playing style. Please describe how your bot differs from another submission if it is built on the same code base. Ask on discord if you are unsure whether your bot is different enough.
    • If you submit as a team, write all the names in the submission form, but only provide one email address.
    • If you decide to resubmit your bot (you use the same bot name) it will override the previous submission.
  • Teams
  • Time requirements
    • 20 seconds for the bot to initialize.
    • 2 Minutes per turn (paused when opponent makes a decision).
    • 5 seconds to make decisions in opponent’s turn.
    • 10 seconds to handle the result of the game.
    • If any of the above time requirements are violated the framework take actions to end the turn immediately.
    • If the bot hangs, i.e. doesn’t respond within 5 seconds after the time limit, it will be disqualified.
  • Computational resources
    • Each game will run on a server with 32 CPU cores and no GPUs.
  • Access to file system
    • Currently, it will not be allowed to write to the file system. However, we are planning to implement this feature soon.
  • Access to internet
    • No.
  • Platform
    • The competitions will run on an Ubuntu server.
  • Cheating
    • FFAI is a young project so there might be several ways to cheat. If an agent deliberately try to make the framework crash or is able to manipulate with the game object (without the framework registering it), we reserve the right to manually disqualify the agent from the competition.

The FFAI configuration file used in Bot Bowl I can be seen here:

How to get started

Clone FFAI, follow the installation guide and run some of the examples like our scripted bot example.


There will be a yet-to-be-determined prize to the winner of Bot Bowl I!


Join our discord channel if you need help or have any questions.

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