How to participate in Bot Bowl I

If you already have a bot that plays Blood Bowl using FFAI it is relatively easy to submit it to the Bot Bowl I competition. The deadline is August 1st. If you don’t yet have a bot, go check out our tutorial Make you own Blood Bowl bot.

Make a submission repository

Go pull or clone the template for a submission repository at First, you must add all the files that your bot is using to this directory. The script that contains the Agent implementation must also register the bot with a name that you think is unique and does not contain spaces or any special characters:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from import ProcBot
from import register_bot, make_bot

class SimpleBot(ProcBot):

# Register MyScriptedBot
register_bot('simplebot', SimpleBot)

Test your submission

You can now install your repository using the following command in the directory.

pip install -e .

When that is done, test that it can be imported by calling:

 python -c "import <your-module>"

If all that is fine, go to the test script in the bot-bow-submission repository called. The script runs a competition between two bots. Be aware, that the competition module only works on Unix!

Replace the ‘simplebot’ name with the name that you used when calling register_bot().

import simplebot # Replace with the name our your module
from import Competition
from ffai.core.load import get_config

config = get_config('ff-11-bot-bowl-i.json')
competition = Competition(
     competitor_a_name='simplebot', # Replace 'simplebot' with your bot name
results =

Now run the script and see the results of the competition. If your bot is slow, this might take a while. If you bot was disqualified, carefully read the output to see why it happened. It was probably because it didn’t respond within the specified time limits.

Submit your bot

If your are happy with your bot and your repository is ready, you can either make the repository public or submit it as a .zip file. Follow the submission instructions here:

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server:

Good luck!

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